steel framing

Strength, Quality and Durability of Steel Framing

We supply superior lightweight steel framing services to the residential and commercials construction industry - engineered lightweight steel framing using the Enduroframe® building system developed by Bluescope.

In 2015 ISG Architectural invested in a BlueScope Enduro® cold roll forming machine to accurately and efficiently manufacture the ENDUROFRAME® building system developed by BlueScope. Framing is the most critical and integral part to any build and ENDUROFRAME® will ensure design, performance, installation and cost advantages of durable inner strength TRUECORE® steel.


Our Services

ISG Architectural offer practical experience with cost saving designs of engineered framing solutions in Structural & Architectural detailing of “light weight steel framing” for a wide range of building applications:

  • Wall frames

  • Floor Joist

  • Roof Trusses

  • Residential Housing

  • Multi Residential Framing

  • Commercial Projects

  • Transportable Buildings

  • Façade Framing

  • Kit Home prefab kits

Advantages of Steel Framing

Durability ENDUROFRAME® precision-engineered frames with the inner strength of TRUECORE® have endurance and integrity that will not shrink, twist or warp over time.

Warranty ENDUROFRAME® systems and TRUECORE® steel backed by a 50-year warranty from BlueScope. (refer to TRUECORE® web site for details)

Light weight ENDUROFRAME® steel wall frames & trusses weigh significantly less than timber and easily moved around site for efficient installation.

Thermal efficiency 90mm steel stud allows sufficient insulation to meet thermal efficiency codes.

Uniformity ENDUROFRAME® steel frame does not warp, shrink, or rot, so the frame stays straight.

Bush Fire ENDUROFRAME® steel framing is non-combustible and will resist ignition and not add fuel to any fire.

Termite proof ENDUROFRAME® steel framing cannot be attacked by termites or borers.

Design flexibility ENDUROFRAME® frames made from TRUECORE® steel have a notable strength-to-weight ratio, providing wide spans and flexible design layouts to accommodate modern design trends.

Accuracy The house framing systems are detailed using ENDUROCADD® design package.

Installation ENDUROFRAME® systems are prefabricated and dimensionally accurate, being strong and straight with all services penetrations and grommets provided ensures a faster installation time with less onsite adjustment.

Backed by BlueScope TRUECORE® steel is made by BlueScope the manufactures of Colourbond steel. TRUECORE® steel is made to all relevant Australian standards and tested for quality and consistency

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